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Leopold Bros

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Buy Leopold Bros Online. In the mid-2000s, Todd and Scott relocated Leopold Bros. operations from Michigan to their home state of Colorado to focus solely on distilling. They opened shop in a small, rented, workspace in an industrial neighborhood in northeast Denver.

Several years later, Todd and Scott purchased four acres of nearby land to build out their ideal distillery, including systems to create a zero-waste facility by recycling water, composting, and other methods. In addition a larger space to accommodate all their fermenters and stills, the site would also be home to Colorado's first distillery malting floor and kiln, as well as a dunnage-style barrelhouse, a tasting room, and education center. The Leopold Bros. distillery as it stands today opened in 2014.
Leopold Bros Three Chamber Rye Whiskey Bottled In Bond


Leopold Bros Three Chamber Rye Whiskey Bottled In Bond
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Leopold Bros Three Chamber Rye 2022 Release