Bloody Mary Cocktail Gift Basket


Was the palatable, full-flavored Bloody Mary Cocktail named after Queen 'Bloody Mary' I of England?
Not quite....but the original 'Tomato Juice Cocktail' created by Parisian bartender Ferdinand "Pete" Petiot around 1920 (who found vodka tasteless so added tomato juice and seasoning), eventually became the 'Bloody Mary', with fans of the cocktail naming it after Queen Mary 1.

A staple of cocktail menu's everywhere, our Bloody Mary Cocktail Gift Basket makes the perfect gift for the Bloody Mary lover.

What's included in Nestor's Bloody Mary Cocktail Gift Basket:

+ Tito's Vodka 750ml

+ Filthy Bloody Mary Mix 8oz

+ Lea & Perrin Worcestershire Sauce 5oz

+ Pimento Olives 8.5oz