American Mule Cocktail Gift Basket


What's the difference between the Moscow Mule and American Mule Cocktail? Nothing! The popular American Mule Cocktail was originally called Moscow Mule and contained vodka. As American bartenders started substituting vodka for American Whiskey the name was changed to American Mule. We've gone with the original recipe for authenticity.

What's included in Nestor's American Mule Cocktail Gift Basket:

+ Wheatley Vodka 750ml

+ 2 x Fever Tree Ginger Beer 155ml

+ Master's Of Mixes Lime Juice 355ml

+ Moscow Mule Copper Mug

+ Wheatley Key Chain

+ Sugarcane Vodka Cordials

+ Sahale Honey Almond Snack

Choose between our wooden crate, or larger oak barrel as your gift basket of choice.