Whiskey Sour Cocktail Gift Basket


Know someone who can't live without their Whiskey Sour? Then this is the ideal gift basket! Containing everything needed to make a whole roomful of Whiskey Sours, Makers Mark Bourbon is our secret weapon for this old favorite.

What's included in Nestor's Whiskey Sour Cocktail Gift Basket:

+ Maker's Mark Bourbon 750ml

+ Master's Of Mixes Lemon Juice 355ml

+ Stirrings Simple Syrup 12oz

+ California Crisps Orange Slices 0.3oz

+ Luxardo Cherries 400G

+ Jim Beam Orange Ice Tray

+ Sugarfina Heavenly Sours

You can also choose between our wooden crate, or larger oak barrel as your gift basket of choice.