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Otaca Tequila

Buy Otaca Tequila Online

Buy Otaca Tequila Online. Our founders Anthony and Nicole Accetta, are what you would call tequila connoisseurs. After years of tasting the world’s best tequilas, Anthony was still searching for what he deemed the best. After a chance encounter with another tequila craftsman, he was determined to buy into her company, which was, alas, not for sale, and even with a large investment, he couldn’t be at the helm and control the final product. Undeterred, he started to research where the best tequila came from, its distilling process, and what it would take to create the world’s best tequila; at this precise moment, OTACA was born.
Otaca Plata Tequila


Otaca Plata Tequila
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