Buffalo Distilling Co.

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Buy Buffalo Distilling Co. Whiskey Online. In 1893, Buffalo was going electric and was recognized nation-wide and world-wide for its innovation.  It was during this time that an ambitious businessman named Gustav Fleischmann took control of the E.N. Cook & Company and started Buffalo Distilling Company.  Spirits were high and Buffalo Distilling Co made some of the best including Golden Grain Whiskey, 4C's Canadian Style Whiskey, and Old Tom Gin. By 1918 the temperance movement and impending prohibition made the legal production of liquor unprofitable and eventually unsustainable for the Buffalo Distilling Co. putting the company into a century long sleep. Buffalo Distilling Co formally started again 100 years later on our Whiskey Farm Distillery in Bennington, NY. Buffalo Distilling Co. finally returns to the city limits of Buffalo after a 100 year hiatus! Opened in an historic building in Larkinville March 2017, our new location includes a tasting room, cocktail bar, tours, events and new spirits!