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If you are a fan of bourbon, then you have probably heard of the Eagle Rare bourbon. This is mainly because this whisky has a complex flavor that is sure to please any bourbon lover.


However, this rare Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey is difficult to find. Even worse, most people buy an unauthentic bottle of Eagle Rare because many liquor stores do not carry traditionally made ones. 


So, what is Eagle Rare bourbon? Why is it very popular and hard to find? This article will discuss everything to know about the Eagle Rare bourbon. We will provide information on where to buy Eagle Rare bourbon, and we will also talk about some of the flavors that you can expect from this amazing whiskey.


What Is Eagle Rare Bourbon?

Eagle Rare is a high-rye Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey made by Buffalo Trace Distillery. The distillery is located in Frankfort, Kentucky, and it has been in operation since 1787. The Buffalo Trace Distillery is the oldest continuously operating distillery in the United States, and it is also one of the most respected distilleries in the world.


Eagle Rare is made with a mash bill that consists of corn, rye, and malted barley. The whiskey is then aged for at least ten years in new oak barrels. The result is a complex flavor profile that includes vanilla, oak, and toffee notes. Eagle Rare is a smooth bourbon perfect for sipping neat or on the rocks.


This critically acclaimed bourbon has won a lot of awards. The Eagle Rare 10 Year was given a Gold Outstanding badge by the IWSC in 2015, while the 17-Year-Old version received an Outstanding Silver award in 2014. The Eagle Rare 10 Year was also awarded the following honors in 2016: Gold Medal, Best Age Statement Bourbon – World Whiskies Awards (Whisky Magazine).


Who Makes Eagle Rare Bourbon?

Sazerac, which is the parent company of Buffalo Trace, has owned the label since 1989. Other than a short time after its first purchase when it was sourcing whiskey for the label, it has been distilling Eagle Rare at its Frankfort, Kentucky facility—known as the George T. Stagg distillery.


Before 1989, Eagle Rare was produced by Seagram's Lawrenceville, Kentucky distillery Four Roses. Charles L. Beam, a Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame inductee, launched Eagle Rare in 1975 as one of the final new, high-end bourbon brands before the market for lower-priced spirits forced many bourbon producers to adapt.


eagle rare bourbon characteristics infographic 

Eagle Rare Bourbon Characteristics 

Now that we know a little bit about the history of Eagle Rare let's talk about some of Eagle Rare bourbon's unique features.

  • Eye

The Eagle Rare bourbon has a deep amber color. This is the first thing you will notice about the bourbon when you pour it into a glass.

  • Nose

The next thing you will notice is the aroma. The Eagle Rare bourbon has a complex nose that includes notes of oak, vanilla, toffee, hints of orange peel, herbs, honey, and leather. 

  • Palate

The flavor of the Eagle Rare bourbon is just as complex as its smell. You will definitely taste notes of oak, vanilla, toffee, and a touch of citrus.

  • Finish

The finish is long and smooth, with a hint of sweetness. 

  • Balance, Body, & Feel

 The Eagle Rare bourbon is well-balanced with a medium body and a smooth feel.


Price Of Eagle Rare Bourbon

The price of Eagle Rare Bourbon varies according to its rarity and flavor. Also, retailers' prices might differ because some don't buy directly from the manufacturer's distillery (due to how rare Eagle Bourbon is).


The best prices you can get Eagle Rare Bourbon are: 

  • Eagle Rare 10 Year Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey: The 750ml size of this whiskey averages around $50-$90.
  • Eagle Rare 17-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey: The 750ml size of this whiskey ranges between $1700-$2000.
  • Eagle Rare' Double Eagle Very Rare' 20-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey: This is the most expensive Eagle Rare bourbon, and the price for the 750ml size starts at $14000-16000.


Double Eagle Rare Bourbon

Eagle Rare Bourbon usually has two flavors, they include:


  • Regular 10-year-old 

Eagle Rare 10 is a single barrel bourbon produced by the Buffalo Trace distillery and is similar to standard Buffalo Trace, except that it has been aged for ten years. It's made with the number 1 Mashbill, which is thought to include less than 10% rye.


  • 17-year-old from the Antique Collection

 The 17-year-old Eagle Rare Bourbon is much rarer than the regular version from the antique collection. The 17-year-old is one of the five bourbons included in the award-winning Buffalo Trace Antique collection. It is released in small quantities once a year in the fall season.


  • The Double Eagle Very Rare 20-year-old

The Double Eagle Very Rare 20-year-old is the rarest of all the Eagle Rare Bourbons, and it is a combination of both flavors. This very limited 20-year-old bourbon whiskey matures twice as long as the standard Eagle rare 10-year-old bourbon. It also features two beautifully-sculpted crystal glass eagles in the Double Eagle decanter.


It is every liquor collector's dream, and it is presented in a luxurious silver box and crystal decanter. Very few bottles are produced, and it has an individually-numbered letter of authenticity on them.

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Where To Buy Eagle Rare Bourbon?

Eagle Rare Bourbon can be bought from trusted online stores. However, you should be very careful when shopping for rare liquor like Eagle Rare Bourbon because there are many fakes out there.


The best way to avoid buying a fake is to buy from a reputable dealer or store that you know and trust. Nestor Liquor is one of the most trusted liquor stores today. Nestor Liquor provides the best and rarest liquor on the market.




Eagle Rare Bourbon is a very popular bourbon whiskey that is difficult to find. It is made by the Buffalo Trace distillery and comes in two flavors, the regular Eagle Rare Bourbon and the Eagle Rare 17-year-old from the Antique Collection. The Double Eagle Very Rare 20-year-old is the rarest of all the Eagle Rare Bourbons.


If you are looking for a place to buy Eagle Rare Bourbon, Nestor Liquor is the best place to go. We carry the rarest and hard-to-find liquors, and we deliver directly to your doorstep with fast and easy shipping. You can shop online or call (619) 202-4887 to place your order. Have questions? Connect with us over Email. Also, follow us on Instagram or Facebook to learn more about our 30-year family-owned business.
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