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where can i buy blanton's bourbon

Where Can I Buy Blanton’s Bourbon: Full Guide

If you are looking for one of the best Bourbons in the US, look no further than Blanton's. Blanton's Bourbon is a premium whiskey made from a unique formula which gives it a flavor profile that sets it apart from the rest. This beloved drink is also made with the utmost care and precision.


These traits make it a popular choice for bourbon lovers, but it also means that it can be difficult to track down a bottle.


In this guide, we will explain where to buy Blanton's Bourbon and how to go about getting your hands on a bottle. We will also discuss Blanton's unique profile and why it is so revered by bourbon fans worldwide.


What is Blanton Bourbon?


Blanton's Bourbon is a well-known and highly acclaimed whiskey in the United States. This high-rye Bourbon was created in Frankfort, Kentucky, and is named after Albert B. Blanton. 


It is also an award-winning Bourbon of the highest quality made from all-natural ingredients. But what really sets Blanton's apart from other bourbons is its unique flavor profile.


The high percentage of rye gives it a spicy kick, and the barrels are charred longer than most, giving the drink a deep amber color and rich flavor. Blanton's Bourbon is known for its sweet, citrus, and oak overtones. It also possesses caramel and butterscotch flavors that entice the nose, complementing traditional baking spices like clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon.


Who Makes Blanton's Bourbon?

To many, Blanton's Bourbon is the world's first single barrel bourbon. Its history can be traced back to when Elmer T. Lee launched this delicious liquor in 1984. He was the master distiller and president of the distillery at the time. Lee adored Blanton so much that he named his new Bourbon Blanton's Single Barrel, the first single barrel bourbon in the world.


Blanton's Whiskey Flavors

The flavors depend on the barrel it came from, as every barrel is different. You might find hints of vanilla, honey, caramel, chocolate, nutmeg, or even coffee.


The high percentage of rye in the mash bill gives Blanton's a unique flavor not found in other bourbons. The long-charred barrels also give it a deep amber color and rich flavor with oak notes.


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Why is Blanton's Bourbon Hard to Find?

Here are the main reasons why Blanton's Bourbon is hard to find:


1. Single Barrel Production

Single barrel bourbon, often known as single cask bourbon, is the purest form of the spirit. Most standard bourbons are manufactured by blending many whiskeys from different casks, but single barrel bourbon has only been aged in one. 


Blanton's Bourbon is unique because a single barrel can produce a distinct flavor profile. Because of this technique, they are highly sought-after by whiskey connoisseurs, resulting in higher prices and higher demand than other forms of whiskey.


 2. High Demand


Blanton's bourbons are rare since the demand for this single barrel bourbon far outnumbers supply. Asides from this, Blanton prides itself on quality over quantity, meaning its factories can only produce minute quantities at a given period.


Although the availability has grown since 2013 -the distillery refused to specify how much, only saying "we just can't create enough"- collector demand has skyrocketed. As a result, Blanton's is an odd Bourbon that only seldom appears on secondary market forums at exorbitant rates.

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3. Unique Design

The flavor and more unusual features of Blanton's Bourbon have earned it high praise. Each bottle topper includes a letter implanted at the base that spells out "B-L-A-N-T-O-N'-S."


There are also handwritten notes near the top of each label, including a "dump date." Blanton's is one of the few brands that include the day the barrel was emptied, which appeals to collectors who want to commemorate weddings or birthdays with specific bottles.

 buy blanton's bourbon

How Much Is Blanton's Bourbon?

A bottle of Blanton's Bourbon retails differently. The prices may vary depending on where you purchase it. The prices may vary roughly from $189 to $350.


Where To Buy Blanton's Bourbon?

Blanton's Bourbon can be bought in limited quantities in the United States. You can find Blanton's Bourbon at local retailers and online vendors who resell, but they are hard to come by. Lucky for you, we have this rare Bourbon in stock!


Nestor liquor is one of the most trusted places to find Blanton's Bourbon. We carry the most rare and hard-to-find liquors. Get them delivered directly to your doorstep with fast and easy shipping. 


Shop online or call us today at (619) 202-4887 to place your order. Have questions? Connect with us over Email. Also, follow us on Instagram or Facebook to learn more about our 30-year family-owned business.


Types of Blanton's Bourbon Whiskey

There are many types of Blanton's Bourbon Whisky available in the market today. Some of the popular types include:

  • Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon: This is the most common type of Blanton's Bourbon Whiskey. It is made from a single barrel and has a distinct flavor profile. It ranges between $159.99 to $299.99.
  • Blanton's Gold Edition Straight Bourbon: This is a higher-end Blanton's Bourbon Whiskey type. It is made from a selection of aged barrels for longer periods. This results in a richer flavor profile. It ranges in cost from $249.99 to $449.99.
  • Blanton's "Black Label" Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey: This is a special edition and rare type of Blanton's Bourbon Whiskey. It is made from a single barrel that has been aged for over 15 years. This results in an intense flavor profile. It costs between $129.99 - $329.99.

 types of blanton's boubon

Nestor Liquor also offers other special limited Blanton's Bourbon whiskeys like:


  • Blanton's Straight from the Barrel Straight Bourbon: It costs between $249.99 - $449.99.
  • Blanton's Gold Blanton's +Black Blanton's Red Takara Special: It goes for $749.99 - $949.99. 
  • Blanton's Takara Gold: It costs $349.99 - $549.99. 
  • Blanton's Straight from the barrel + Blanton's Black + Blanton's Red Takara Special: This bottle costs $849.99 - $1049.99.
  • Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon Miniature 50ml Shot: This type is a limited mini Blanton's bottled whiskey. It costs $49.99 - $69.99.



As you can see, Blanton's Bourbon is a special whiskey brand loved by many people. Finding a bottle isn't easy, but we hope this article has made it easier. If you are looking for Blanton's Bourbon, your best bet is to check online retailers or specialty stores. The most trusted place to find Blanton's Bourbon is Nestor Liquor.

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