where to buy buffalo trace bourbon

Where to Buy Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Do you love good whisky? If so, then you must have probably heard of the name Buffalo Trace. This smooth and delicious bourbon was first released in 1999 and has been a fan favorite ever since. It remains one of the best alcoholic beverages that Buffalo Trace distillery has put on the liquor market.

However, there are a few problems affecting this liquor. The first is that Buffalo trace is hard to find, and this is because of its high demand.

Asides from the issue listed above, many whiskey retailers tend to sell at exorbitant prices. Lastly, some consumers still end up buying an unauthentic version of the whiskey even after spending thousands of dollars.

This guide will explain everything you need to know about this bourbon. We will also show where to buy buffalo trace bourbon.

What Is Buffalo Trace Bourbon?

Buffalo Trace Bourbon originates from the city of Frankfort in Kentucky and is made at the Buffalo Trace Distillery. This distillery has been around since 1775 and is one of the oldest continuously operated distilleries in the United States.

The name "Buffalo Trace" comes from the old buffalo path that ran across Kentucky. The Buffalo were attracted to the area because of the large salt licks present.

Buffalo Trace bourbon is made from American white oak. This type of wood is good for making bourbon because it makes the liquor smooth and delicious. It is typically aged for a minimum of eight years in new, charred white oak barrels. And the final product often possesses 40% alcohol by volume and 90 proof.

Who Makes Buffalo Trace Bourbon?

As mentioned earlier, Buffalo Trace bourbon is produced by the Buffalo Trace distillery. The company is owned by Sazerac and was once known as the George T. Stagg distillery.

The Buffalo Trace distillery has a long and rich history dating back to 1773. The distillery was founded under the name "The Old Fire Cooper" and has gone through several names, a devastating lightning strike, a terrible flood, a bad economic recession in the 1920s, and even an odd (and almost game-ending) rivalry with vodka and gin in the 1970s and '80s. And yet somehow, the brand is still alive. 

Today, the distillery is best known for its Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare, and Blanton's bourbons. Buffalo Trace bourbon is one of the most popular whiskeys in the world and has won many awards over the years.

Here's a quick fact; Buffalo Trace distillery is located on the Kentucky River and uses water from the river to produce its bourbon.


Buffalo Trace Bourbon Characteristics

buffale trace bourbon characteristicsNow that you know all about Buffalo Trace bourbon let's talk about its characteristics. Here are some important features you must know about Buffalo Trace bourbon:

  • Color

Buffalo Trace Whiskey possesses an amber color.

  • Nose

Buffalo Trace bourbon has a spicy and sweet caramel undertone, creamy toffee eclairs, hints of cinnamon, rum spice, and cereal sweetness.

  • Palate

Buffalo Trace Bourbon's palate is brown sugar, toffee apple, sweet oak, custard, oily espresso beans, a touch of chocolate-covered raisins, and toasty wood.

  • Finish

A good lengthy aftertaste begins after swallowing. You'll notice hints of sweet spices, cinnamon gum, and toffee complete the taste.

  • Vital Stats

Other vital stats about Buffalo Trace bourbon include:

  • ABV: 40%
  • Age: No age statement
  • Proof: 90

Now that you know the history and characteristics of Buffalo trace, it's time to learn how much this high-quality bourbon whiskey costs.

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Price

buffalo trace bourbon priceThe price of Buffalo Trace bourbon can vary depending on where you purchase it, the flavor of the bourbon, and how rare it is..

So if you’re searching where to buy Buffalo Trace Bourbon, it is important to compare prices before you purchase.

For instance, the Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream can cost around $20.99-$45.99 on online liquor delivery businesses like Nestor Liquor, whereas most local liquor stores can sell for almost double the price.  

Other flavors like Buffalo Trace Old Fashion goes for $19.99-$45.99, while Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash #1 Whiskey 375ml costs $14.99-$30.99. You can also get combo deals on your favorite Buffalo Trace whiskeys for a discounted price.

Where To Buy Buffalo Trace Bourbon?

buffalo trace bourbonHaving discussed everything you need to know about the Buffalo Trace bourbon, let's talk about where to buy it. Buffalo Trace Bourbon can be purchased from reputable online liquor retailers or liquor stores.

One thing you should know is that shopping for rare whiskey like Buffalo Trace Bourbon online can be risky, and this is because there are many "unauthentic" versions on the market. Buying from a reputable dealer or store is the easiest way to avoid buying a fake.

You can buy authentic Buffalo Trace Bourbon from our store. Click here to shop our collection.

Nestor Liquor

Nestor Liquor is one of the most reputable liquor businesses in the United States. We carry the rarest and hard-to-find liquors ( Including Buffalo trace), and we deliver directly to your doorstep with fast and easy shipping. You can shop online or call (619) 202-4887 to place your order. Have questions? Connect with us over Email. Also, follow us on Instagram or Facebook to learn more about our 30-year family-owned business.

Try The Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream is a delicious, smooth, and creamy whiskey that is perfect for any occasion. It is handcrafted using Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and all-natural cream.

Buffalo Trace bourbon is a mix of rich, delicious cream and smooth Kentucky bourbon. The result is a delightful, one-of-a-kind whiskey experience that's great for sipping neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktail.

It can also be a great gift idea for any whiskey lover in your life during a special celebration. Order your bottle today from Nestor Liquor and enjoy quick and easy shipping.

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