The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Hennessy V.S. Cognac

​​Looking for a spirit that embodies luxury and sophistication? Look no further than Hennessy V.S. Cognac

This renowned brand is celebrated worldwide for its complex taste, rich history, and unparalleled elegance. If you're curious to learn more about this indulgent spirit, you're in the right place.

In this blog, we'll take you on a journey to savor the rich world of Hennessy V.S. Cognac. 

From its production process to food pairings, we'll explore everything about this delectable spirit.

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That’s enough about us for the moment. Getting back to the cognac, let’s get started with the journey to savor the rich world of Hennessy V.S. Cognac.

What Is Hennessy V.S. Cognac?

Hennessy V.S. is a premium Cognac brandy from France's Cognac region. It's aged for at least two years and has a complex flavor profile with hints of vanilla, oak, and spice. Popular neat or mixed in cocktails, it's a go-to option for those seeking high-quality brandy.

What is Cognac?

Cognac is a type of brandy that is distilled from the white wine and aged in oak barrels for at least two years.

Unlike other types of brandy, cognac must be made from specific grape varieties.

It must be aged in the Cognac region of France. This locale is known for its unique soil and climate conditions.

What Does V.S. Mean in Hennessy?

The V.S. in Hennessy V.S. stands for "Very Special" and is a designation used to indicate that the cognac has been aged for at least two years in oak barrels.

This cognac is considered ‘V.S.’ because of its unique blend of eaux-de-vie, which are high-quality brandies distilled from grapes. 

These eaux-de-vie are carefully selected and blended by the master blender at Hennessy to create the distinctive taste and aroma of the cognac.

Additionally, Hennessy V.S. Cognac is aged for a minimum of 2 years in French oak barrels. This gives it a smooth and complex flavor profile. The aging process also allows the flavors and aromas to develop and mature over time.

This cognac is also known for its versatility. It can be enjoyed on its own, with ice, or in a variety of cocktails.

Overall, the quality of the eaux-de-vie, the aging process, and the versatility of Hennessy V.S. cognac makes it a very special and highly-regarded cognac among spirits enthusiasts.

Quick Facts About Hennessy V.S. Cognac

Hennessy V.S. Cognac is one of the most popular cognacs in the world. It is crafted from premier growing regions and aged in oak barrels. 

It is a blend of over 40 different eaux-de-vie (unaged brandy). Each eaux-de-vie imparts its unique flavor profile to the final product. 

For those seeking a unique experience, Hennessy offers single-barrel expressions, showcasing the distinct flavors of each barrel.

Table 1: Quick Facts About Hennessy V.S. Cognac


Ugni Blanc grapes grown in the Cognac region of France





Calories in a 1 1/2-ounce shot

Approximately 97 calories


Produced by Hennessy, a French cognac house founded in 1765 by Irishman Richard Hennessy in the town of Cognac, France


Rich, full-bodied flavor with notes of oak, vanilla, and caramel. It is well-balanced and has a smooth finish


For at least 2 years in French oak barrels


Straight-up, on the rocks, cocktails


10 Things You Should Know About Hennessy V.S. Cognac

Here are the 10 most interesting facts about Hennessy V.S. Cognac:

  1. The Hennessy family has been involved in the cognac industry for over 250 years. Richard Hennessy founded the Hennessy brand in 1765.
  2. To be labeled as cognac, Hennessy V.S. Cognac follows the standards set out by a protected appellation of origin. This is why this cognac is made within the Cognac region of southwestern France.
  3. The sustainably grown Ugni blanc grapes are mechanically harvested at their peak for Hennessy. The grapes are then pressed and the juice is fermented into wine. This wine is double distilled using the traditional Charentais copper alembic stills to become eau-de-vie. The clear spirit is aged in wood casks and blended. 
  4. Hennessy has 350,000 barrels in production at any time. It utilizes a network of 65 cellars.
  5. Daily tastings occur to test the various eau-de-vie throughout their maturation. Hennessy's master blender brings 30 or more of these together to produce Hennessy Cognac.
  6. Hennessy V.S. Cognac is an icon of high society for over two centuries. It is considered one of the most elegant spirits in the world due to the high quality of its ingredients, the lengthy aging process, and the brand's reputation as a symbol of luxury and prestige.
  7. The Hennessy V.S. Cognac bottle is instantly recognizable thanks to its unique shape and an iconic label.
  8. It is a symbol of culture, history, and craftsmanship. For instance, Hennessy V.S. Cognac collaborated with the Argentinian-born graffitist-turned-abstract artist, Felipe Pantone for its special edition — Hennessy V.S. Limited Edition.
  9. The Hennessy brand is so iconic that it has been referenced in songs by artists across genres, including Tupac, Jay-Z, and Nas.
  10. Hennessy V.S. Cognac is often used in brand-sponsored celebrations and events, such as the Hennessy Artistry concert series.

                    What Does Hennessy V.S. Cognac Taste Like?

                    Taste Profile of Hennessy V.S. Cognac

                    Hennessy V.S. Cognac is known for its rich and complex flavor profile. Overall, Hennessy V.S. Cognac has a balanced and harmonious taste. It is perfect for sipping neat or mixing in cocktails.

                    Table 2: Taste Profile of Hennessy V.S. Cognac


                    Clear and bright, with a beautiful amber hue. 


                    Oak, vanilla, and toasted almond.


                    The first thing you might taste in Hennessy V.S. Cognac is fresh toast with roasted almond and brown sugar. After that, you might notice some more subtle fruit flavors.


                    The strong and pleasant smell is reflected in a smooth and creamy taste, with added vanilla flavor. It finishes with a refreshing floral taste.


                    How to Drink Hennessy V.S. Cognac

                    You can enjoy Hennessy V.S. Cognac in a variety of ways. Here are some common ways to drink this cognac.

                    • Neat: Pour a small amount (1-2 ounces) of Hennessy V.S. Cognac into a snifter glass and sip it slowly.
                    Hennessy V.S. Cognac
                    • On the rocks: Add a few ice cubes to the glass of Hennessy V.S. Cognac to chill the spirit and dilute it slightly.
                    Hennessy V.S. Cognac
                    • With water: Adding a splash of water to Hennessy V.S. Cognac can help open up the flavors and aromas of the spirit.

                    Hennessy V.S. Cognac

                    • Mixed: Hennessy V.S. Cognac can also be used in cocktails, such as the classic Sidecar or the Hennessy Sour.

                    Hennessy V.S. Cognac

                    Remember that Hennessy V.S. Cognac is a premium spirit. Enjoy it in moderation.

                    The Perfect Hennessy V.S. Cognac Food Pairings

                    Perfect Hennessy V.S. Cognac Food Pairings

                    Looking to elevate your next dinner party or special occasion? 

                    Pairing delectable cuisine with the rich and complex flavors of Hennessy V.S. Cognac is sure to impress even the most discerning of guests.

                    Here are some recommendations.

                    • Spiced nuts: The nutty and spicy flavors of spiced nuts perfectly complement the rich and complex taste of Hennessy V.S. Cognac.
                    • Charcuterie board: The salty and savory flavors of cured meats and cheeses balance the sweetness of this cognac and enhance its subtle fruit notes.
                    • Dark chocolate: The bitterness of dark chocolate provides a perfect contrast to the sweetness of Hennessy V.S. Cognac. This creates a luxurious and indulgent pairing.
                    • Grilled steak: The bold flavors of grilled steak match the intensity of Hennessy V.S. They bring out its smoky and woodsy notes.
                    • Caramelized onions: The sweetness of caramelized onions pairs beautifully with the smooth and mellow taste of Hennessy V.S. Cognac.
                    • Lobster bisque: The rich and creamy texture of lobster bisque complements the velvety finish of this spirit.
                    • Foie gras: The richness of foie gras enhances the complexity of Hennessy V.S. Its creamy texture and subtle flavors make for a truly decadent pairing.
                    • Chicken liver pâté: The earthy and gamey flavors of chicken liver pâté pair beautifully with the bold and complex taste of this cognac.
                    • Blue cheese: The pungent and sharp flavors of blue cheese balance the sweetness of Hennessy V.S. Cognac, while its creamy texture enhances its velvety finish.
                    • Seared duck breast: The richness of seared duck breast complements the bold and smoky flavors of this cognac, while its fruity undertones highlight its subtle sweetness.
                    • Salted caramel ice cream: The sweet and salty flavors of salted caramel ice cream match the complex taste of Hennessy V.S. cognac and enhance its subtle spice notes.
                    • Gingerbread cookies: The warm and spicy flavors of gingerbread cookies pair beautifully with the rich and velvety taste of Hennessy V.S.
                    • Braised short ribs: The hearty and savory flavors of braised short ribs balance the richness of this cognac and enhance its subtle smoky notes.
                    • Apple tart: The sweetness and tartness of apple tart create a beautiful contrast with the rich and complex taste of Hennessy V.S. Cognac.
                    • Spicy glazed pork belly: The spicy and sweet flavors of glazed pork belly match the bold and complex taste of Hennessy V.S. Cognac, while its fruity undertones enhance its subtle sweetness.

                    Why Should Hennessy V.S. Cognac Be Part of Your Home Bar?

                    There are cognacs and then there is Hennessy V.S. Cognac.

                    We have pretty much written about the exquisiteness of the spirit. Yet, we think it’s best to sum up why having a bottle of this exceptional cognac in your home bar is not just a luxury statement, but a necessity for any true connoisseur.

                    Here are 5 reasons why Hennessy V.S. Cognac should be added to your home bar:

                    • Exceptional Taste: Hennessy V.S. Cognac has a unique and exceptional taste that is sure to impress anyone who tries it.
                    • Versatile: This cognac is a versatile drink. It can be enjoyed on its own or used in a variety of cocktails, making it a great addition to any home bar.
                    • High Quality: It is made from the highest quality grapes and aged in oak barrels. This gives it a smooth and rich flavor that sets it apart from other spirits.
                    • Sophisticated: It is often associated with sophistication and luxury. Having a bottle of this premium spirit in your home bar can elevate any gathering or occasion.
                    • Appreciation Value: Cognac is a drink that can be enjoyed for years to come. Many collectors and enthusiasts appreciate the value of a well-aged bottle.

                    Overall, including Hennessy V.S. Cognac in your home bar adds a unique and exceptional spirit to your collection.


                    With such rich history and exceptional quality, who wouldn’t think of adding Hennessy V.S. Cognac to their collection of exquisite spirits? Flavor your prized moments with the iconic taste, straight from the grapes of France.

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