bloody mary cocktail

As with every other cocktail in the world, the origins of the Bloody Mary Cocktail are often unclear. Ingredients are substituted, different bartender's make claim to the "original recipe", and the story changes as time goes on.

First of all, the Bloody Mary cocktail of often thought to have its origins in the real Bloody Mary - Queen Mary I Of England. Not so true, but she did have a little influence.

In fact, the Bloody Mary Cocktail is another fine drink we can credit to the Russians.
After Russians started migrating to Paris during the Russian Revolution, they bought along their vodka.
French barman, Ferdinand "Pete" Petiot, wasn't fond of the taste, so experimented, added tomato juice and seasoning, and soon the Tomato Juice Cocktail was born.

The cocktail did change in name, the 'Bucket of Blood' being one other interesting title, however it was only after a number of years that fans of the tipple started calling it Bloody Mary - indeed to reference of Queen "Bloody Mary's" reign of terror.


  • 2 ounces Tito's Vodka 
  • Filthy Bloody Mary Mix 8oz
  • Pimento Olives 8.5oz
  • Lea & Perrin Worcestershire Sauce 5oz


  1. Add the vodka, Bloody Mary Mix and Worcestershire Sauce
  2. Strain into the prepared glass
  3. Garnish with Pimento Olives


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