Volcan De Mi Tierra X.A Tequila 750ml


This meticulously crafted blend is a one-of-a-kind creation that showcases our Mexican heritage, with a beautifully designed handmade bottle that pays tribute to our volcano. Volcan X.A is a groundbreaking tequila blend that combines reposado, añejo, and extra-añejo tequilas, all made exclusively from 100% blue agave without any additives. This innovative blend represents a rare offering in the ultra-premium tequila category, as it brings the art of blending to the world of tequila.

The three layers of aging create a remarkably smooth tequila with a unique flavor profile. The reposado layer provides a delicate sweetness and smoothness, while the añejo and extra-añejo layers add complexity and aromatic elegance. This carefully crafted blend is a closely guarded secret of our master distiller.

Volcan X.A boasts a well-balanced flavor profile with notes of cooked agave, subtle spices, and sweet aromas such as vanilla, caramel, and dried fruits. It is best enjoyed straight or over ice.