Smoke Wagon Red, White & Blue +Doc Swinson's Rye Whiskey


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Smoke Wagon Red, White & Blue Limited Edition

This limited-edition bottle features a unique tri-color design celebrating the Fourth of July, making it the perfect Independence Day companion. The liquid within is the same award-winning Smoke Wagon bourbon.

Doc Swinson's Rye Whiskey

Doc’s Rye goes through a unique process, borrowed from the Spanish sherry bodegas, the Solera method uses a pyramid system of oxidizing and influencing casks where a small portion of each barrel on the bottom of the pyramid is blended and bottled as a batch and then the whiskey that was removed from the barrels is replaced with a portion of the barrels above it. This is repeated for each tier of the pyramid. Only new spirit is added to the top tier to be cycled down over time. this method provides an ever-aging product that lends complexity and consistency over time.

Unlike many finished rye whiskies, the goal was to simply compliment the whiskey, not overtake it. Always Produced in Small Batches,