Jacobs Pardon Small Batch Recipe No.1 750ml


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Jacob's Pardon pays tribute to Jacob and Abner Taub, bootleggers who made their own whiskey during Prohibition, but alas, were caught and incarcerated in 1929. When an official pardon document from President Franklin D. Roosevelt was recently uncovered (the brothers later went on to legally found the Baltimore Whiskey Company in the 1930s, and the emblem appears on the label), the Taub family decided to extend the family legacy in honor of Jacob Taub with unique bottlings and blends, all with the consultation of spirits expert F. Paul Pacult. Small Batch Recipe #1 combines 15-year-old MGP light whiskey (high-corn mash bill with rye and barley malt) with 8-year-old whiskey from Tennessee. A total of 2,482 6-bottle cases were produced.