Ardbeg Fermutation Invasion Of The Washbacks! 750ml


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Ardbeg Fermutation Invasion Of The Washbacks! - A broken boiler! .. Six washbacks fermenting out of control! .. Could anything save this liquid from certain destruction?

The year was 2007. The Ardbeg Distillery was about to face one of its greatest challenges. A broken boiler threatened by the very existence of six washbacks full of precious liquid. Nothing could stop them fermenting past the point of no return! The Distillery folk threw off the washback lids hoping for a miracle, and a miracle they received! An invasion was taking place. Millions of tiny beings were descending from the skies and landing in the washbacks... The longest "FERMUTATION" in Ardbeg's history had begun, transforming the liquid into the SHARPEST, ZINGIEST and WILDEST Ardbeg ever! UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE!