The Last Drop Hors D'Age Petite Cognac 90Pf 1/700ml W/50ml


The Last Drop Hors D'Age Petite Cognac is a remarkable spirit, offering a compelling window into the past. Created in an era long since passed, at a distillery recently — and permanently — closed, it was crafted at a family-owned distillery on the banks of the Charente river during a time when Europe was finding its feet after World War II.

Distilled by the 8th generation of the family, in a traditional wood-fired alembic still, this cognac was still in the original oak casks when we first tasted it. The liquid displays all the know-how and expertise that has been passed down over the centuries.

AROMA: Rich amber with copper reflections.

NOSE: A waft of old roses, charged with a touch of citrus.

PALATE: Great complexity, initially revealing rich old preserved fruits, followed by dried flower petals.