Patron El Alto Reposado 750ml


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Patrón El Alto is the pinnacle of the magical mastery that happens in the Hacienda Patron. It is here, that our Master Distillers have passionately devoted decades to perfecting their craft.

To create Patron El Alto, we select the agave from the highest parts of the Atotonilco region, known to yield the richest nectar. We ground it with ancient volcanic stone, bake it for days in clay ovens, and masterfully age it for a sensuously smooth, caramel taste.

From our heart to your heart, our house to your house, we salute your passion and your achievements.
Enjoy our deliciously smooth, handcrafted, aged tequila neat or in cocktails, in your big and small celebration moments.

Liquid: This exceptional aged tequila is passionately handcrafted from the highest-quality 100% Weber blue agave, grown in the highest parts of the Atotonilco El Alto region that yield the sweetest agaves. 

Notes: For Patrón El Alto Reposado, we select from our finest Patrón reposado, añejo, and exra añejo tequilas to create an exquisite and refined ultra-premium tequila with subtle notes of caramel, dried fruit, and vanilla. Patrón El Alto is naturally smooth and sweet, perfect to the last drop.