Tequila Cava De Oro

Buy Tequila Cava De Oro Online. Tequila Cava De Oro is a tequila of EXCEPTIONAL quality and FLAVOR.  Artfully crafted under the careful guidance of the Partida family, third generation master distillers utilizing hand selected and harvested BLUE AGAVE.  This tequila is made using traditional, artisanal methods. It is produced in small batches so they can bring you the PUREST expression of tequila possible.  Carefully made so you can enjoy every sip slowly and taste the tradition to the last drop. TEQUILA CAVA DE ORO ® is dedicated to crafting only the highest quality tequila available and in doing so, provide you with an UNRIVALED taste that will defy your expectations and reshape the way you think about tequila. Available in Plata, Reposado, Anejo, Extra Anejo and Cristalino.