Smoke Wagon Small Batch + Nulu Lander Barrel Pick

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Smoke Wagon Small Batch 

Smoke Wagon Small Batch bourbon is produced in Las Vegas by Nevada H&C Distilling Co. This high-rye straight bourbon is bottled at 100 proof in amber-colored bottles. This high rye content bourbon is aged in the heart of a century-old brick warehouse. To ensure a unique and consistent flavor, barrels are hand-selected to create a perfect blend that is smooth and at the same time bold and intense.

Nulu Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey "Nulu Lander"

Nulu Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey "Nulu Lander" handpicked by Nestor Liquor and Sip Whiskey.

Nulu Single Barrel line is sourced MGP bourbon that is bottled unfiltered at cask strength. The resulting bourbon provides a rich, layered bourbon that punches in above its short time in the barrel. While single barrels can always vary, if this barrel is any representation of their abilities to source barrels, color me impressed.

Barrel: B266

Bottle: 73

Proof: 123.4

Aged: 5 Years