Ron Izalco 18 Year Old Cask Strength Rum Exclusively Bottled For Nestor Liquor 750ml


Ron Izalco 18 Year Old  is a minimum 18 years aged rum from some of the finest Central American rum distilleries, exclusivly bottled for Nestor Liquor. With no sugar, no additive and bottled at 110.6 proof, this rum is a delight for cask strength lovers, rum purists and aficionados.

Once on the palate, the complexity increases even more, revealing a rich layer of soft tannins, baked pineapple and several layers of spices. The flavors dance elegantly with your taste buds, feasting them with a rewarding experience that lingers extensively after swallowing. 

Ron Izalco 18 is generous and intense, borderline overwhelming for the un-initiated, but exceedingly satisfying and fulfilling for the true rum aficionado.