Mr. Black Mezcal Cask Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur 750ml


A limited-edition coffee liqueur from Mr. Black that has been rested in American oak casks that previously held Illegal Mezcal Anejo from Oaxaca, Mexico, for three months in the Australian summer. The result is a rich, bold character with notes of roasted coffee, dark chocolate, nutmeg, peppery spice, and smoked agave throughout the palate.

Light a candle, and put on your favorite album. Take a big rock of ice, and add 60mls/1oz to your glass. Ponder the universe whilst you enjoy the incredible flavor of this limited edition.

SPIRIT: Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

BARRELS: Ex Mezcal Oak Barrels

TASTING NOTES: Nutmeg, spice, and roasted agave