Xicaru Anejo Mezcal 750ml


Fernando Santibañez had a passion for the mezcal and its limitless possibilities.  Using his years of experience and his love for mezcal, Fernando respectfully combined the traditions of mezcal with those of barrel aging to create a unique expression in Xicaru Añejo.  

Xicaru Añejo is made with traditional methods from 100% Maguey espadin.  It rests for a minimum of one year in medium-toasted, used American oak barrels and is finished to 86 proof.  Used barrels are employed to prevent over-aging, and the higher proof helps to maintain the essential characteristics of mezcal.  

The patience required for barrel aging is rewarded with a fuller, more concentrated and more complex mezcal.  Notes of vanilla and oak contribute a new aroma, flavor, and sweetness that delicately balance with the smoke and maguey.