Larceny Barrel Proof Batch# C922 Bundle


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This limited bundle includes three bottles: Larceny Barrel Proof Batch# C922, Evan Williams Spiced Cider, and Evan Williams Egg Nog.

Larceny Barrel Proof Batch# C922

Larceny Barrel Proof offers a new opportunity to experience our acclaimed wheated Bourbon mashbill in its purest form: non-chill filtered and bottled at full barrel proof. Rich and bracing, with intensity that demands attention and comes close to overpowering without going overboard; just delicious.

Evan Williams Spiced Cider

Evan Williams Kentucky Cider is the original Bourbon based apple cider. This unique fall cocktail combines flavor and heritage using real apple cider and Evan Williams Bourbon. Ready to serve warm or cold. Evan Williams Kentucky Cider is pale gold in color with aromas of cinnamon, ripe fruit and cotton candy with a taste of soft apples and allspice. 

Evan Williams Egg Nog

Evan Williams Original Southern Egg Nog is made with smooth Evan Williams Bourbon and real dairy cream. A traditional southern-style eggnog blended with 7-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

NOSE: Créme brúlée and nutmeg

TASTE: Creamy with vanilla notes, Bourbon bread Pudding

FINISH: Thick and creamy mouthfeel with sweet and smoky Bourbon notes