Four Roses Small Batch Select 750ml


Master Distiller Brent Elliott selected and mingled six of Four Roses’ 10 Bourbon recipes, each aged a minimum of 6 years, to handcraft Small Batch Select. Non-chill filtered and 104 proof, our newest permanent product-line extension offers truly unique flavor characteristics. Balancing notes of candied fruit with warmth and spice, Small Batch Select is enjoyable to both casual drinkers and Bourbon connoisseurs. Small Batch Select is best enjoyed straight up or on the rocks. 104 proof. 52% alcohol/volume. Small Batch Select is available in Kentucky, New York, California, Texas and Georgia. It will launch to additional locations in the future.

750 ml

NOSE Raspberries, clove, and nutmeg
PALATE Apricot, berries, vanilla, and light oak
FINISH Lingering spearmint, light touch of cinnamon