Canadian Club Chronicles 43 Year 750ml


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Canadian Club Chronicles 43 Year - Canada’s oldest aged Whisky, the Canadian Club 43 Year Old. The new limited-edition expression is the third edition of the Ontario-based distillery’s Chronicles Series and has been dubbed “The Speakeasy” as a tribute to the brandy’s legendary role during Prohibition. Batched and barrelled in 1977, Canadian Club 43 Year Old boasts notes of oak and leather on the nose, while delivering nutmeg and dried fruit on the palate, with a lingering mouth feel. The spirit balances subtle spice and sweetness.

Colour: Golden honey
Nose: Toasted oak with hints of brown sugar, dried fruit, berries, vanilla and rich leather.
Palate: Nutmeg spiciness and light hay notes balanced
with a subtle sweetness and a touch of dried fruit, molasses, beeswax, dried blueberry, clove and white pepper.
Finish: a warm and lingering sweet oak finish