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Every year, whiskey enthusiasts eagerly await the release of Buffalo Trace's Antique Collection. The 2023 lineup promises to be one of the most exciting yet, with each bottle telling a unique story of heritage, craftsmanship, and unparalleled taste. In this article, we'll dive deep into each offering, providing tasting notes, background, and tips for those hoping to snag a bottle (or five) for their collection.

The Buffalo Trace Antique Collection (BTAC) is an annual release of limited-edition, highly sought-after whiskies produced by the renowned Buffalo Trace Distillery. This distillery is known for producing a wide range of whiskies, including bourbon and rye, under various brand names such as Pappy Van Winkle, Blanton's, Eagle Rare, Weller, and EH Taylor.

The BTAC is typically released in the fall of each year and consists of several different expressions, each with its own unique characteristics. These whiskies are highly regarded by collectors, enthusiasts, and connoisseurs due to their exceptional quality, rarity, and complexity.

The Collection Includes:


         George T. Stagg 2023 (135 Proof)_Nestor Liquor


  1. George T. Stagg Bourbon

    • Proof & Age: This 15 years and 4-months-old bourbon is bottled at 135 proof.
    • Tasting Notes: The bourbon is described as having scents of cinnamon and cherry cola. The palate offers a mix of leather, chocolate, and vanilla, culminating in a robust earthy finish.

    William Larue Weller Bourbon 2023 (133.6 Proof)_Nestor Liquor


  2. William Larue Weller Bourbon

    • Proof: The 2023 William Larue Weller bourbon is bottled at 133.6 proof.
    • Tasting Notes: The nose is filled with candied notes of dark brown sugar and vanilla bean. The palate is warm and full, featuring stewed cherry and brown sugar crumble. The finish is robust and dense, enveloped with baking spice and a hint of maple syrup.

    Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye Whiskey 2023 (124.9 Proof)_Nestor Liquor


  3. Thomas H. Handy Rye

    • Proof: This uncut, unfiltered straight rye whiskey is bottled at 124.9 proof.
    • Tasting Notes: The aroma is dominated by orange zest and lemon oil, with caramel and hints of pine on the palate. The taste evolves into freshly baked rye bread spread with orange marmalade and honey, followed by a lingering finish of light oak and black licorice.

    Eagle Rare 17 Year Old Bourbon 2023_Nestor Liquor


  4. Eagle Rare 17-Year-Old Bourbon

    • Age: At 19 years and three months old, this year's Eagle Rare 17-Year-Old Bourbon is the oldest release of the spirit since its 23-year inclusion in the Antique Collection.
    • Tasting Notes: This whiskey offers dark chocolate and cherry pie filling on the nose. The palate is well-balanced with flavors of caramel-drizzled chocolate sponge cake, finishing with dry and spicy notes reminiscent of an earthy cigar box.

    Sazerac Rye 18 Year Old Whiskey 2023_Nestor Liquor


  5. Sazerac Rye 18-Year-Old

    • Tasting Notes: The whiskey boasts a scent of dried orange, rye grain, clove, and aniseed. The palate is marked by black pepper, vanilla, and waves of oak, finishing with floral honey and tobacco leaf.

Due to their limited availability and high demand, the BTAC whiskies are often difficult to find at retail prices. Many enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the annual release, and bottles from the collection often end up in the secondary market, where their prices can be significantly higher than the suggested retail prices.

This year's collection includes all of the familiar staples, including the oldest Eagle Rare 17-Year-Old Bourbon in the collection's history. Each expression will come in its own clear bottle to showcase its color, and the back label of each bottle will provide both the story of the whiskey and a description of what's inside.

Tips for Collectors:

  1. Research and Education:

    • Before diving into collecting, spend time understanding the whiskey world. Read reviews, join forums, and participate in tasting events. Knowledge is key to making informed decisions.
  2. Building Relationships:

    • Establishing a good relationship with local liquor stores can give you an edge when limited editions are released. Attend store events, tastings, and make regular purchases to become a valued customer.
    • Join whiskey clubs or groups in your area. They often have inside information on releases and might even organize group purchases.
  3. Online Retailers:

    • Nestor Liquor is a preferred online destination for many collectors. They often have a wide selection and might get allocations of limited releases. Sign up for their newsletter, create an account, and set notifications for new arrivals.
    • Always check the shipping regulations for your state or country when purchasing from online retailers.
  4. Secondary Market:

    • While prices can be higher, platforms like whiskey auction sites can be a place to find rare bottles. However, always ensure the authenticity of the bottle and the credibility of the seller.
  5. Investment Potential:

    • Whiskies, especially limited editions, can appreciate in value over time. Keep the bottles unopened, in their original packaging, and store them in a cool, dark place.
    • Monitor auction sites and whiskey valuation platforms to gauge the current market value of your collection.
    • Remember, the whiskey market can be volatile. While some bottles appreciate, others might not. It's essential to diversify your collection.
  6. Enjoying with Friends and Groups:

    • Organize tasting events with fellow enthusiasts. Everyone can bring a bottle, allowing the group to taste various whiskies without opening all your bottles.
    • Use proper glassware like Glencairn glasses to enhance the tasting experience.
    • Pair the whiskey with complementary foods. For instance, dark chocolates, cheeses, or smoked meats can elevate the tasting experience.
    • Document the tasting. Take notes, discuss flavors, and share your thoughts. It's a great way to learn and appreciate the nuances of each whiskey.
  7. Storing Your Collection:

    • Store bottles upright to prevent the cork from drying out.
    • Keep them away from direct sunlight and fluctuating temperatures. A wine or whiskey fridge can be a good investment for serious collectors.
  8. Stay Updated:

    • The whiskey world is dynamic. New releases, discontinued bottles, and market trends can change the value and availability of whiskies. Stay updated by following industry news, joining forums, and subscribing to newsletters.

Remember, while collecting can be an investment, it's essential to enjoy the journey. The world of whiskey is vast and full of flavors, stories, and experiences. Whether you're sipping a rare bourbon with friends or hunting for the next bottle to add to your collection, savor every moment. Cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Buffalo Trace 2023 Antique Collection?

The Buffalo Trace 2023 Antique Collection is a highly anticipated annual release from Buffalo Trace Distillery. It showcases products that best represent the distillery's exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to distilling high-quality, award-winning spirits.

What distinguishes the Buffalo Trace 2023 Antique Collection from other whiskey collections?

The Buffalo Trace Antique Collection is renowned for its limited and high-quality releases. The spirits in this collection are often uncut and unfiltered, offering a pure and robust flavor profile. The 2023 collection, in particular, features the oldest Eagle Rare expression in the collection's history.

Who is responsible for producing the Buffalo Trace 2023 Antique Collection?

The Buffalo Trace 2023 Antique Collection is produced by Buffalo Trace Distillery, one of the most renowned distilleries in the United States, known for its long-standing history and commitment to quality.

What are some notable releases in the Buffalo Trace 2023 Antique Collection?

While specific details about all the releases in the 2023 collection were not provided in the search results, it's mentioned that this year's collection includes the oldest Eagle Rare expression in the collection's history.

Where is the best place to purchase the Buffalo Trace 2023 Antique Collection?

Nestor Liquor is the preferred online retailer for the Buffalo Trace 2023 Antique Collection. It's recommended for its extensive selection and exceptional service.

Why is the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection so sought after by whiskey enthusiasts?

Whiskey lovers eagerly anticipate the annual release of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection because of its assortment of uncut and unfiltered bottles. These spirits are quickly snatched up, often for well over the retail price, due to their limited availability and exceptional quality.


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