13 Best Vodka Brands Under $30

Vodka is a versatile spirit that's perfect whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails. While top-shelf vodkas like Clix Vodka, Beluga Gold Line, and Crystal Head Vodka taste exquisite, they come with a price tag. 

Fortunately, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to enjoy exceptional vodka. This article will explore 13 of the best vodka brands under $30, proving that you don't have to splurge on a bottle to enjoy a premium drinking experience.

1. Tito's Handmade Vodka

Tito's Handmade Vodka

Tito's Handmade Vodka is a household name for vodka thanks to its pocket-friendly price and exceptional quality. Crafted in Austin, Texas, at the state's oldest legal distillery, Tito's isn't your ordinary low-budget vodka. Unlike many other vodka brands, it's made from corn rather than rye or potatoes, giving it a unique and clean taste.

And best of all? Tito's is completely gluten-free, making it great for vodka enthusiasts on a gluten-free diet. Plus, it's an incredibly versatile vodka that's great neat, with a dash of water or in a variety of cocktails.

2. New Amsterdam Vodka

New Amsterdam Vodka

While its pocket-friendly price may make it appear like a bottom-of-the-barrel drink, New Amsterdam isn't a substandard vodka. Crafted from American Midwest grain, the spirit undergoes a thorough five-step filtration process, and it's filtered thrice, resulting in a clean and crisp vodka. 

While it's primarily used as a base in cocktails, you can also enjoy New Amsterdam neat. It's available in various flavors, such as peach, vodka, and pineapple. 

3. Absolut

Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka is a popular vodka renowned for its stylish bottle, creative marketing campaigns, and wide range of flavors. Crafted in Sweden, Absolut is made from winter wheat and undergoes a meticulous continuous distillation process, resulting in a smooth and crisp spirit.

While some variants of Absolut, like Absolut Elyx, come at a relatively hefty price, the classic Absolut Original offers an affordable yet premium option for vodka aficionados. Plus, if you want something different from the original flavor, Absolut offers a variety of other flavors like watermelon, passionfruit, and raspberry. 

4. Russian Standard

Russian Standard

Originating from St Petersburg, Russian Standard vodka stands out for its exceptional quality and reasonable price. Made from high-quality winter wheat, Russian Standard is distilled multiple times and rigorously filtered through charcoal and quartz to eliminate impurities. 

The result is a vodka with a smooth texture, a subtle peppery taste, and a clean finish. If you're looking for a traditional vodka that won't give you sticker shock, Russian Standard is an excellent choice.

5. Ketel One

Ketel One

Ketel One is a Dutch vodka brand that's a favorite among many bartenders and mixologists because of its diverse flavor profiles. Made entirely from wheat and uniquely distilled using massive copper stills, Ketel One offers a smooth and silky texture and a velvety mouthfeel.

If you want a traditional vodka at an affordable price, the original Ketel One is a stellar option. Alternatively, if you're craving something slightly more unconventional, Ketel One offers a wide range of other flavors such as, citrus, orange, grapefruit, rose, cucumber, and mint.

6. American Harvest

American Harvest

American Harvest is a gluten-free, GMO-free, and organic vodka handcrafted entirely in the US. Made from Rocky Mountain red winter wheat, American Harvest offers a subtly sweet and creamy flavor profile with notes of vanilla. If you're seeking an affordable yet sustainable vodka, grab a bottle of American Harvest.

7. Ciroc

Ciroc Vodka

When it comes to vodka brands, there are few vodkas quite like Ciroc. Unlike most vodkas made from grain or potatoes, Ciroc is made from grapes, giving it a distinct, fruity taste. A unique spirit crafted in France, Ciroc undergoes a five-step distillation process, resulting in a smooth and crisp vodka. 

While some variants of Ciroc, like Ciroc Ten, surpass the $30 range, the original Ciroc Vodka offers an affordable option for vodka enthusiasts seeking a premium vodka experience. If you want a more flavorful vodka, Ciroc comes in various flavors, such as apple, mango, pineapple, peach, coconut, and French vanilla.  

8. Fris

Fris Vodka

While it's one of the lesser-known vodkas on this list, Fris Vodka is an absolute gem that deserves a place on this list of the best vodka brands under $30. Self-described as ''the world's most chill vodka,'' Fris Vodka is a Danish vodka brand that's crafted using a unique freeze distillation process. This innovative technique helps remove impurities, resulting in high-quality vodka.  

Made from wheat and distilled four times, Fris offers a velvety mouthfeel and crisp taste. If you're looking for a vodka that's an excellent base for cocktails or best enjoyed chilled, you can't go wrong with Fris.

9. Haku

Haku Vodka

Made in Japan, Haku Vodka is a rare example of a vodka made entirely from Japanese white rice. Double distilled and filtered through bamboo charcoal, Haku Vodka has a mellow and subtly sweet taste, making it perfect for vodka enthusiasts who don't want a vodka with a sharp taste. If you're searching for an affordable vodka that's perfect for martinis, Haku is an excellent choice. 

10. Belvedere

Belvedere Vodka

A premium vodka known for its exceptional quality and remarkable taste, Belvedere is beloved among vodka connoisseurs worldwide. Crafted in Poland from 100% Polska rye, Belvedere is distilled four times, resulting in a velvety and full-bodied vodka. 

While several of Belvedere's offerings surpass the $30 threshold, their Belvedere Pure variant offers a pocket-friendly option for vodka aficionados seeking a taste of luxury. If you want a vodka perfect for a martini or sipping neat, you can't go wrong with Belvedere.

11. Humboldt

Humboldt Organic Vodka

Humboldt Organic Vodka, produced in California, prides itself as the state's 'best-selling organic vodka.' A luscious vodka made from organic sugar cane, Humboldt Organic vodka offers a smooth and slightly sweet taste with notes of vanilla, citrus, and a hint of butterscotch.

And besides using the finest organic ingredients, the folks at Humboldt Distillery also support efforts to preserve the waterways and coast throughout California for posterity. So, if you're looking for a vodka that's both pocket-friendly and environmentally friendly, Humboldt Organic Vodka is a great choice.

12. Grey Goose

Grey Goose Vodka

This list of the best vodka brands under $30 would only be complete with Grey Goose Vodka. A premium vodka with a cultish following, Grey Goose is immensely popular because of its exceptional quality and smooth taste. 

Crafted in France from high-quality winter wheat and natural spring water, Grey Goose offers a velvety mouthfeel and a delicately sweet flavor profile. If you want to enjoy a premium vodka that won't strain your wallet, Grey Goose is a stellar choice. 

While it's one of the costliest options on this list at just under $30, you'll be hard-pressed to find a top-notch, affordable vodka that's better than Grey Goose Vodka for cocktails.  

13. Smirnoff

Smirnoff Vodka

Last but not least, this list wouldn't be complete without mentioning Smirnoff — one of the world's most popular and oldest vodka brands. First produced in 1864, Smirnoff has stood the test of time for good reason. It's an incredibly affordable yet versatile vodka that's excellent in a variety of cocktails. 

Smirnoff is a great choice if you're searching for a budget-friendly traditional vodka. But if the sound of traditional vodka doesn't tickle your fancy, Smirnoff also offers a variety of other flavors, such as pineapple, watermelon, and tamarind.  


Good vodka doesn't have to come at a premium. From chic brands like Absolut and Ciroc to classics like Tito's Handmade Vodka and Smirnoff, these brands prove that affordability doesn't have to come at the expense of quality.

Whether you're a casual vodka drinker, a cocktail lover, or a hardcore vodka purist, these budget-friendly options allow you to savor a top-notch vodka without compromising craftsmanship or flavor. 

So, as you pursue the perfect vodka, remember that you don't need to break the bank to sip on exquisite vodka. Cheers to finding your perfect vodka companion without straining your wallet!


Is Smirnoff an Inexpensive Vodka?

Many Smirnoff variants cost less than $20, making it an affordable vodka. However, some variants of Smirnoff vodka, such as Smirnoff Black and Smirnoff Red label cost more than $20.

What Mixers Go Well With Vodka?

Vodka serves as an excellent base for a variety of cocktails because of its neutral flavor profile. Some mixers that go well with vodka include soda water, tonic water, orange juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, grapefruit juice, lemonade, and ginger beer.

What Should You Avoid With Vodka?

While energy drinks can give vodka extra punch, you might want to avoid mixing vodka with energy drinks. Because energy drinks contain a lot of sugar, they can make you dehydrated and more likely to drink more or get a hangover.

Can I purchase these vodkas in smaller bottle sizes or only standard 750ml bottles?

The availability of smaller bottle sizes may vary among brands and retailers. While standard 750ml bottles are commonly available, some brands may offer smaller sizes, such as 375ml or 500ml, which can be ideal for sampling or gifting. It's advisable to check with local retailers or online platforms for available bottle sizes.

Where Can I Buy Affordable Vodka Online?

You can buy vodka online from reputable online liquor stores like Nestor Liquor. Check out our online liquor store for a wide range of affordable vodka brands.

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