Garrison Bros. Balmorhea + Single Barrel + Boot Flask


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Garrison Bros. Special 3x Combo

Garrison Brothers Balmorhea Texas straight bourbon is named after an iconic West Texas park. It is aged four years in a new American white oak barrel and then another year in a second new American white oak barrel. 

Garrison Bros. Single Barrel released In 2013, is the first single-barrel bourbon from Texas. This barrel was distilled in 2011, was aged for three years, and has a rich texture and notes of vanilla, butterscotch, and caramel. 

Garrison Brothers Boot Flask release is the same smooth and award-winning Garrison Brothers Bourbon you've always enjoyed but now in a handy little bottle. Ergonomically designed to fit inside your most comfortable pair of boots. 

This combo Includes:

1 Bottle of Garrison Brothers Balmorhea

1 Bottle of Garrison Bros. Single Barrel

1 Bottle of Garrison Brothers Boot Flask