Bang XL Banna Ice


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This BANG Flavor has what it takes to satisfy all of your needs at once. You will experience a smooth ripe banana hit with a soothing ice undertone. With Banana Ice, each puff tastes absolutely delicious.

Draw enough vapor in to get a creamy ripe sensation of banana paired with an iciness that hits the spot immediately.

Bang Banana Ice Disposable Device contains 1.3ml of pre-filled nicotine salt eLiquid and requires no refilling, recharging, or any maintenance.

Vape with a  BANG! 

Primary Flavor: Banana, Ice 

Type: Disposable

Nicotine Level:  Bang Bar 50mg (5%), Bang XL 60mg (6%)

Bang Bar Puff Count: 280mAh internal battery for up to 300Puffs

Bang Xl Puff Count: 450mAh internal battery for up to 600Puffs

*Dispose after life cycle.