Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch# C922 Bundle


This bundle includes three bottles: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch# C922, Elijah Craig Straight Rye and Larceny Small Batch.

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch# C922

Batch C922 is the third and final Barrel Proof Bourbon batch for 2022. At 124.8 proof it is the highest proof of the series this year. Like previous batches, this Elijah Craig Bourbon is aged 12 years and is bottled without chill-filtration to ensure a full flavored experience.  

Elijah Craig Straight Rye 

Elijah Craig Straight Rye is the first extra-aged Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey to join Elijah Craig’s award-winning family of Bourbons. A unique combination of spicy rye grains and sweet corn, coupled with a steadfast attention to detail, give Elijah Craig Straight Rye the perfect balance of flavor and smoothness.

Larceny Small Batch

Larceny Bourbon is rooted in the history of John E. Fitzgerald and the Old Fitzgerald brand. Continuing the tradition of Old Fitzgerald, Larceny is made with wheat instead of rye as the secondary grain, delivering a smooth taste that’s hard to resist.