Corazon William Larue Weller Expresiones Añejo 750ml


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Corazon William Larue Weller Expresiones Añejo - The aging of Expresiones is what makes these tequilas truly remarkable. Buffalo Trace Distillery barrels infuse the Blanco with unique character, enticing the palate with the charm of its age and char. They are stored in the first row at Casa San Matias’ aging facility to ensure the ideal level of airflow to aid in the aging process. The barrels are then evaluated every 2 months and monitored until the desired characteristics are achieved.

Tasting Notes:

COLOR: Transparent, Gold Flashes

AROMA: Wood, Caramel, and Almond

FLAVOR: Chocolate, Intense Vanilla, Nut, Eucalyptus, and Chamomile

AGING: 15 Months in William Larue Weller Barrels

ALCOHOL: 40% Alc/Vol 80 Proof